Le Chai au Quai

Visit Le Chai au Quai and you can experience firsthand our winemaking in action. Vats of wine gently fermenting in tank, many just resting in barrel ... we'll let you have a taste of a few in progress and give you a tour of the winery.


A stop in the shop is de rigeur. Here you can taste fabulous wines in the historic setting of Le Chai au Quai and have the chance to purchase the wines you love – right here at the cellar door. Expect a roaring fire in the winter or step outside in the summer and taste some wines as the Dordogne river gently flows by. Expert help is on hand if you need it.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 10:00am to 7:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am to 5:00pm

How to find Le Chai au Quai

With direct flights from the UK to Bordeaux and Bergerac, visiting Le Chai au Quai has never been easier. Hire a car from either airport and you’ll be at Le Chai in less than an hour. Alternatively, you can travel by Eurostar and then drive; Le Chai is the perfect diversion and a must-see destination for those touring the south-west of France.

How to find Château la Clarière Laithwaite

Are you also interested in visiting our very own château in Sainte-Colombe? If so, Château la Clarière Laithwaite is also in Castillon. 

Situated a short drive from Le Chai au Quai, Château la Clarière Laithwaite is up on the famed limestone ridge of the area and only 12 mins away by car. 

Château la Clarière Laithwaite

8 Route de Sainte-Colombe

33350 Saint-Magne-de-Castillon

Dine with our Friends

When you stop by Le Chai, you really should head up the road to Saint-Genès-de-Castillon to one of the best restaurants in the region: Le Comptoir de Genès. With a great team, exquisite food and a wine menu to die for, the seasonal menus simply must be tried.


Anne-Marie Galineau, together with her husband Vincent, opened their business in 2009. Ever since, they have been delighting local patrons and foreign visitors day in, day out throughout the year. 


For further information, bookings and sample menus, click here


"We would like to thank you very much for our winery tour yesterday – we found it very informative and interesting. Thank you also for taking so much of your time to answer my questions! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and will recommend it to friends."

Eryl & Ann V.
The Local Region


With the beautiful Dordogne river just below its walls, Le Chai au Quai is situated in an idyllic spot on the edge of the sleepy town of Castillon-La-Bataille, surrounded by the valleys and orchards of south-west France. This corner of the country is known for its wines, gastronomy and rich architectural legacy. And, with its medieval châteaux, 13th-century villages, the world-famous wines of Bordeaux and the picturesque town of Saint-Emilion, it is well worth exploring. So why not combine your trip to Le Chai with a tour of the local region?



Built on a hilltop surrounded by vines, Saint-Emilion is bang in the middle of UNESCO World Heritage territory. Named after an 8th-century Breton monk, the town has a labyrinth of underground monuments and catacombs. Up on street level, the town’s buildings are carved out of burnished gold limestone, and its spiralling cobbled streets wind past quaint shops and cafés. Famous for its wines, you can’t visit and not go to at least one winery; you should also make time to try the caramelised canelé cakes and macaroons that hail from this region.



The grand city of Bordeaux was transformed at the turn of the millennium, when it was given a scrub and a polish. Now the city gleams with promise. Explore its wide boulevards, marvel at the 18th-century architecture, and check out the imposing Cathédrale Saint-Andre, antique shops, art galleries and museums. With a thriving café culture, open-air food markets, wine shops and bars serving some of the world’s best vintages, plus a beautiful botanical garden – you can see why it’s easy to lose a few days here.



Sitting pretty, right on the Dordogne river, the little city of Bergerac is a great place to visit. Stroll around the lovely old town, along the old river port and past beautiful Renaissance buildings that lead you on to quaint squares. Take a turn around one of the city’s leafy parks, visit the twice-weekly food market to pick up some local produce or hit the night markets in the summer. Most importantly, schedule a stop at the Maison des Vins, ‘the wine rooms of Bergerac’, for a wine tasting.