Head Winemaker

Jean-Marc Sauboua

Bordeaux-born, Jean-Marc Sauboua comes from a family with a long history in winemaking. He learnt much from his uncle – Francis Courselle – who was a pioneer in modern Bordeaux whites and Jean-Marc has gone on himself to win Trophies for his terrific Sauvignon wines.


After graduating from Bordeaux University, Jean-Marc started his hands-on experience at the highest level – at Bordeaux Graves’s most renowned estate, the Premier Cru Château Haut-Brion. Since then he has made wine in South Africa’s Stellenbosch, Australia, Chile, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Moldova and all over France.


Today Jean-Marc oversees all the winemaking at Le Chai au Quai. Through his extensive network of contacts he searches out superb quality parcels of grapes or one-off cuvées from some of Bordeaux’s most revered appellations and expertly crafts and finishes them within the cool cellars of Le Chai au Quai.

Mark Hoddy


Le Chai's resident winemaker, Mark Hoddy's career in wine production began at the tender age of 12 at a small family estate in the Channel Islands. Here, he rose from being the Saturday bottle polisher to assistant winemaker and Calvados distiller, balancing the demands of eight vintages (with an extra vintage in South Africa in 1997) with his less exciting secondary school and college work.


After studying oenology at Plumpton, Mark went on to learn his trade at Cellarworld and BRL Hardys in Australia, Domaines Donoso in Chile and Domaine Calvet-Thunevin in France. In 2002 he decided to purchase vineyards in the village of Maury in the Roussillon and co-founded the highly reputed Domaine de la Pertuisane. This was the beginning of his love affair with the region and its amazing, much-neglected wines. During this time, Mark was also consultant to a number of domaines in the Roussillon area.


Mark left the domaine, did a vintage in Australia, then moved to Bordeaux to take residence at Le Chai au Quai in 2007.