Château de Thieuley 

 Sylvie et Marie Courselle

The delicious Grand Chai Bordeaux Blanc and Grand Chai Bordeaux Blanc Reserve are made under the supervision of our chief winemaker, Jean Marc Sauboua. He is uncle to the sisters Sylvie and Marie Courselle, whose father has been the leading light in crisp white Bordeaux for the last 30 years and his daughters have followed in their father's footsteps! It's always a great honour to work with Château de Thieuley – a property famous for supreme quality Bordeaux whites and rosés – and all thanks to those great family connections.

Château le Coin

   Ludovic Roussillon

You may have heard us mention Ludovic Roussillon, a Bordeaux estate-owner we love to work with. The soils on his property in the Entre-Deux-Mers are pure limestone and very rocky, so the vines are kept well drained and grapes are wonderfully concentrated. Ludovic is great to work with – an outstanding viticulteur, he warmly welcomes us into the cellar and is very open to new ideas. Our own Bordeaux specialist Jean-Marc Sauboua works with him to produce the extremely popular Château Le Coin range for us.

Château du Tertre Belair

Bruno Dellac

The family-owned Château du Tertre Belair is situated in the east of Castillon, opposite the illustrious Château de Francs. The property has excellent soil – iron-rich, clay limestone which lends the wine deep fruit and the firm structure for ageing. The Le Chai team, with Jean-Marc Sauboua at the helm, worked with owner Bruno Dellac to make the superb Castillon clarets under the Le Grand Chai label.

Domaine Les Quatre Pilas

 Joseph Bousquet

Third generation winemaker Joseph Bousquet is a man with ambitions. He inherited 15 hectares of vines, bought another dozen to plant in the aromatic scrubland, then in 1997 took over Domaine Les Quatres Pilas and its surrounding 6-hectare vineyard. With his first vintage in 2001, he won many awards. He now runs the estate with his wife Sylvie and makes a delicious range of wines. He works in collaboration with our own winemaker, Mark Hoddy, to make a special cuvée of fresh and fruity Chardonnay Viognier.

By Jeff Carrel

 Jeff Carrel

Jeff Carrel is an extraordinary winemaker with passion and talent. He calls himself eclectic but when you spend a little time with him tasting and listening, you are left with one overriding impression. The man makes fabulous wine. We buy his Chardonnay for the luscious Les Cailloux Dorés and his Syrah for Syrah de Rêve.


Hervé Sabardeil

Hervé Sabardeil is a great, award-winning winemaker of world renown. He provided us with the grapes for our delicious Le Champ des Etoiles – both the Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay. We ask Hervé because no one else wields quite so much clout with winegrowers in the region. He’s also a very charming man, “wickedly witty” and a tireless worker, too.

  Jean-Charles Duran

Mark Hoddy was the one to discover JC – a vignerons with a tiny family property in the amazing black schist soils of Roussillon’s Maury. Mark was at the local co-op, Les Vignerons de Maury, for vintage and spotted a trailer of the most amazing looking Grenache grapes. It was being driven by a young farmer, Jean-Charles Duran. He went over and talked to him and therein started a friendship. They went for a few beers, Mark was taken to the family’s ancient vineyard that was becoming totally uncommercially viable and finally they decided that JC should go independent, convert his garage into a mini winery and with Mark’s help they would make an amazing wine – Un Vent de Folie is the result.