Le Grand Chai Médoc

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon • Médoc AOC

Médoc made in a truly accessible style - lots of lush fruit, yet with the structure for ageing. This is a modern, very attractive interpretation of Bordeaux – for in the 'old days', claret was only drinkable after a few years of ageing. Today, however, with greater technical skill and deeper understanding, producers – particularly the crew at Le Chai – can make wines that are approachable even when just released, yet they still mature gracefully.


That's certainly true of this rich, dark Médoc from Le Grand Chai. One of Jean-Marc's early mentors has a highly regarded property in a top commune on Bordeaux's Left Bank and with JMS's usual irresistible charm, he persuaded the owner to part with a portion for Le Grand Chai Médoc. The estate has superbly positioned vines planted on shallow gravel soils which warm up quickly to help ripen the grapes, hence the real generosity of fruit in this claret. Despite being from a Left Bank property, the wine is mostly dense, plum-rich Merlot supported by one fifth minty-cassis Cabernet, which has produced a remarkably luscious style of Médoc - deep blackcurrant notes with a full creamy layer of oak from a year in barrel. Great with pink-roasted red meats or rich casseroles.


Juicy ripe plum and creamy cassis aromas. Velvety, creamy-textured blackcurrant, plum and cherry. A decadent finish.


Appellation: Médoc

Grapes: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Style: Medium-bodied red

Colour: Very deep black red