Le XV du Président

Grenache • Maury

Le XV is known as our 'King of the Big Reds'. It owes its intensity to Grenache from vines up to a hundred years old that grow on the rocky slopes of the Pyrenean foothills around Maury and yield only tiny quantities of grapes. It also benefits from the painstaking care of self-confessed southern French wine aficionado Mark Hoddy, whose draconian selection process sees him earmark every vine he wants to harvest and micro manage every stage of the winemaking.


This process takes time, but you can taste the result in every delicious, lip staining glass!


Richly textured, with layers of bramble fruit kept smooth by warming alcohol and soft, ripe tannins.

Region: Maury

Grape: Grenache

Style: Full-bodied and ripe

Colour: Intense ruby