Les Trompettes d'Argent

Malbec, Merlot, Cab. Sauvignon • Vin de France

Little Malbec is grown in Bordeaux today and of that small amount, few come from the Right Bank’s Côtes de Castillon. How exciting then to discover a terrace of old vines at Château du Bois dedicated to Malbec, that produces such densely flavoured grapes to produce a rich blackberry scented wine.


Château du Bois is a small Bordeaux property, a stone's throw from the famed Saint-Émilion. We knew the potential of the vineyards was amazing, even though they didn't come with the neighbour's reputation. Côtes de Castillon, is a region that has been hailed as “already good enough to make many Saint Emilion proprietors blush” (Oz Clarke). Not surprising when only a small lane divides the two. The estate’s vineyards had been neglected by the previous owner, a colourful dancing lady, so some vines on the site have been replanted. But not this Malbec. The soil is hard and stony, yet well positioned to catch the sun, so the vines work hard and the grapes ripen slowly. The result – gorgeous, dark fruit and velvety, thanks to the Merlot with a wrap of oak from a year in barrel. Lamb is its ideal mate.


A mouthful overflowing with velvety cherry, cassis and liquorice overlaid by delicate spice and perfect structure.


Region: Castillon and South Western France

Grapes: Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Style: Full-bodied, rich, dense and velvety

Colour: Dense purple black hue