Le Secret des Etoiles

Pinot Noir • Vin de France

Le Secret des Etoiles embodies exactly the ethos behind the winemaking of Le Chai – Grand Cru style at a much more ordinary price. The winemaker's aim was to capture the leafy berry complexity of Burgundy's Pinot Noir, but he looked elsewhere for the grapes. Crafted at Le Chai, it's a really pretty red – seductively silky with lush spicy raspberry notes.


It's not easy finding high-quality Pinot Noir outside Burgundy – this grape is a bit of a prima donna when it comes to climate, liking it neither too hot nor too cold, nor too wet or too dry and is picky about soils, as well! However, aficionados of this grape will agree, it's worth the effort if you can create a silky, pure fruit red like this. The skill is in choosing the right vineyard, which isn't so tricky for Chai winemaker Mark Hoddy. Constantly visiting growers in the Languedoc, all with other grower pals, he sooned worked out a top spot for Pinot Noir. Three places in fact - just north of Montpellier, high in the Limoux Valley, and in the Carcassonne hills. All share a moderate climate and a high altitude position and are influenced by the Atlantic. Warm days are followed by cool nights that help retain freshness, delicacy and finesse. You'll find all this, plus cherry and raspberry charm and the gentle creamy spice of oak from Burgundian barrels. A great red with duck or mushroom risotto.


Fresh damson, juicy plum, fig, lemon thyme and fennel nose. Ripe, characterful, smooth and complex with a clean finish.


Region: Languedoc

Grape: Pinot Noir

Style: Medium-bodied red

Colour: Mid-depth bright scarlet

Drink by: 31 December 2018