Les Cailloux Dorés Block 59

Chardonnay • Vin de France

Using grapes from high-altitude, low-yield vineyards, Mark Hoddy coaxed out all the lush buttery, rounded fruit of Chardonnay and combined it with light oak and a citrusy zing.

Our headquarters for French winemaking, Le Chai, may lie within a grand 19th-century cellar on the Dordogne river in Castillon, but our winemakers search much further afield for the grapes for our Le Chai au Quai range. Stationed for the most part at the cellar, Mark Hoddy spends a fair portion of time bombing down to the very south of France, researching where to find the best grapes. And when he's pinpointed them, he spends the rest of the year monitoring their progress. He is particularly attached to the Languedoc-Roussillon and for this glorious white he trekked to the Montagne Noire foothills, close to Carcassonne. He chose three parcels of the finest grapes, harvested at night (to help preserve freshness), then took the chilled juice to Le Chai. With one vat fermented in stainless steel (for the full fruity style), another in new French oak (just 20%) for spice and the last portion (30%) in older wood.


A deliciously perfect harmony of creamy peach and apple notes with toasty vanilla and spice complexity.


Appellation: Vin de France

Grape: Chardonnay

Style: Medium-bodied dry white

Colour: Light gold