Le Champ des Etoiles

Pinot Noir • Languedoc

With China buying up so much Burgundy and pushing up prices, Le Chai's Mark Hoddy decided it was time to make an equally seductive but better priced Pinot Noir. He chose top grapes from the Languedoc et voilà! Ripe berry fruit laced with spice.


Chai winemaker Mark Hoddy had a mission with this wine - to produce the best Pinot Noir outside Burgundy. With its silky, ripe raspberry charm and leafy notes, we think he's succeeded. Working with this finicky grape isn't easy - Pinot Noir is most particular about its soil and even more about its climate. Indeed, it likes a spot where the fruit only just ripens, and the wine is elegant. You wouldn't think that true of anywhere in Southern France, but Mark was really impressed with what he found in top-spot Torquebiau, a tiny vineyard in the Coteaux du Languedoc, close to the phenomenal Mas de Daumas Gassac estate. A charming red with soft red fruit, very much in the style of a good Burgundy.


Aromas of ripe summer berries with a lift of spice. Silky red fruits with southern warmth and a touch of minerality.


Region: Languedoc

Grape: Pinot Noir

Style: Medium-bodied red

Colour: Mid-depth crimson scarlet