La Voûte

Chardonnay • Languedoc

This is one of our longest-standing rule-breakers among the Le Chai au Quai range of wines. The overall aim is Grand Cru quality at down to earth prices. So we have paid no heed to what appellation we have on the label – in this case it's 'humble' vin de France – we've just gone for sheer glorious taste.


La Voûte is largely the work of Mark Hoddy, our resident winemaker at Le Chai au Quai. He wanted to make a rich but zesty, modern Burgundy style wine. Mark knew exactly where to source the best grapes and at reasonable prices – from the Astruc vineyard in the Languedoc's Limoux Océanique, where the vines, planted at 300 metres, produce ripe fruit with depth, minerality and firm acidity. After careful pressing the juice was transported under cool conditions to Le Chai and put into new oak barrels to ferment at tick over speed. A further eight months in wood has lent a broad, creamy texture to the peach and lemon character. Serve in large-bowled glasses in order to release the aroma, with chicken or fish with a creamy, lemony sauce.


Aromas of ripe peach and lemon with toasty oak notes. Rich and mouthfilling with spicy apple and lush stone fruit.


Region: Languedoc

Grape: Chardonnay

Style: Medium-bodied dry white

Colour: Pale gold