La Syrah de Rêve

Syrah • Vin de Pays d'Oc

Crafted with the love and care normally reserved for much more lavishly priced wines, La Syrah de Rêve is made by our Chai winemaking maestro Mark Hoddy and ranks as one of his best, with its powerful spicy blackberry, herbal and violet-scented fruit.


When you find winemaker Mark 'absent without leave' from Le Chai, bets are that he'll be in the far reaches  of southern France. For this 'dream' Syrah, he knew exactly his destination – his friends at the village cellar in Maury. This is one of the top Crus of the Roussillon, the harsh slate soils of its slopes producing awesome fruit. And if Mark's there at harvest time, as the growers roll in with their small truckload of prized grapes, he can pick out the very best. Tiny black berries packed full of dense flavour ... and not much juice! To broaden the lavish spectrum of flavours, Mark adds a portion of Cru Minervois Syrah and ages it all at Le Chai in French oak barrels for a year. Testament to Mark's unbridled passion for southern France, this is a powerful Syrah to serve with pink roast lamb, a rich garlicky cassoulet or with all the char-grilled offerings of a barbecue. Plenty of Golds to its name, too!


Spiced black fruit nose with hints of violets, herbs and chocolate. Smooth juicy cherries and figs with a very long finish.


Appellation: Vin de Pays d'Oc

Grape: Syrah

Style: Full-bodied, rich red

Colour: Deep dark red, almost black