La Nuit Blanche

Cabernet Blanc • Béziers

The latest stage of innovation and excitement from the Winemaker's Kitchen... a brand new grape variety that is only a couple of years old! Cabernet Blanc - an entirely disease-resistant varietal - has been discovered by Mark Hoddy, thanks to his excellent contacts in the South.


For this, Mark heard about Francois and Vincent Pugibet and their family estate. Founded in 1890, they were still using a horse and cart on the property up until the 1970s. Although the winemaking is rooted in tradition, they are always keen to innovate... hence the Cabernet Blanc! This new grape variety, just a few years old, has happily found a home in their vineyard. Apart from the pruning and picking, it requires minimal attention during the growing season and yet yields wines with a lovely aroma and texture. Night harvesting, when the grapes are at their coolest helps to maintain the delicate fruit and fine structure. This may be your first taste of Cabernet Blanc, but we’re sure it won’t be your last.


Exotic white fruit, melon and citrus aroma and flavour, elegant balance and a long, crisp finish

Appellation: Vin de France

Grape: Cabernet Blanc

Style: Elegant fine structure

Colour: Bright pale gold