La Balade de JMS

Chardonnay • Vin de France

A pure Chardonnay, rich flavoured, round and ripe, barrel aged and with 100% malolactic fermentation for the big-volume finish. This wine is a tribute to those big old Chardonnays that the first Flying Winemakers from Australia so amazing everyone with in the early 1990's, using their New World knowledge on Old World grapes.

J-MS, who worked with the Flyers back then, has recreated the style here at Le Chai au Quai using the finest Chardonnay grapes from mountain vineyards.

Handcrafted by the team using the best 300L hogsheads, with a weekly bâtonnage - stirring of lees - and barrel aged for eight months.

Buttered toast on the nose, followed by ripe, complex white fig and tropical fruit, peach and alm​ond flavours.

Region: Vin de France

Grape: Chardonnay

Style: Full-bodied, creamy and bold fruit

Colour: Pale gold