Garage Red

Syrah • Maury

For the Garage Red, our winemaker combs the vineyards of the South of France in search of exceptional fruit.


In the ancient vineyards of Maury, home to the most incredibly rich and dark Syrah, he found the first parcel of this two part cuvée. The second came from the Cru of the Minervois, La Livinière, and was fermented by carbonic maceration (à la Beaujolais) for a supremely smooth wine. Back at Le Chai the Maury Syrah was aged in the finest oak barrels for a year before blending the two components.

Named after the trend for making handcrafted vats in garage sized sheds as this is how real wines of character and intrigue come about. Small batches, handcrafted to perfection, destined for the family table. The spirit of the Garage remains even though the wine is now matured in the Le Chai au Quai cellars.

Ripe berry fruits with a creamy texture that are coupled with great power, balance and smoothness.

Region: Maury

Grape: Syrah

Style: Ripe, full-bodied

Colour: Deep black purple