La Font del Bosc

Grenache • Maury

Maury in Southern France has a 2,000 year old wine heritage and is a renowned hotspot for “thunderously powerful Grenache” (Andrew Jefford). It takes the form of either gigantic red table wines or, like this, one of France’s greatest sweet fortified wines or Vins Doux Naturels.


La Font del Bosc is not unlike port – rich, sweet and complex with a unique character derived from the ancient Grenache vines that eke out a living on the region’s stony vineyards. Our winemaker Mark Hoddy loved it so much he took the vintage back to Le Chai au Quai, to look after it himself as it slowly aged to mellow perfection in barrel.

Bright red berries ​and a rich, dense dark character pair perfectly in this sweet yet fresh Maury.

Region: Maury

Grape: Grenache

Style: Rich, dense and dark

Colour: Deep amber red