Coeur des Anges

Sauvignon Gris • Vin de France

At Le Chai au Quai the team specialise in unusual, often unique wines, which you can certainly say of this blush pink.


It’s made from Bordeaux’s rare Sauvignon Gris grape. We are all familiar with the vibrant, aromatic notes of Sauvignon Blanc – but Gris is hard to find, and a wine that’s made purely from it, and rosé too, is even rarer. Yet, with a hint of pink in its skins (like Pinot Gris), Sauvignon Gris is ideal for a delicate style of blush. Jean-Marc Sauboua sourced the grapes from the top viticulteur Ludovic Roussillon, at Château Le Coin where the grapes had a great balance of ripeness and stony freshness.


Crafted in the Provence style, but with more minerally grapefruit, this wine is elegant solo or with seafood or chicken.


Region: Vin de France

Grape: Sauvignon Gris

Style: Minerally, crisp rosé

Colour: Pale salmon pink