Our aim at Le Chai: produce the best quality wines at the most affordable price

Le Chai au Quai is a boutique winery like no other – a haven of creativity and innovation. It lies within a grand 19th century cellar in a magical spot on the banks of the Dordogne in Castillon, just a stone’s throw from the medieval town of Saint-Émilion. With no vineyards attached, the winery has the ultimate freedom to buy grapes from wherever it chooses – wherever, in fact, it finds the finest quality.


It is because we're not tied down to our own vineyards that we're able to explore and discover the best grapes around Bordeaux and all over France. The wines at Le Chai au Quai are meticulously crafted all the way into bottle – even those special parcels we've unearthed, miles away in the south, are carefully brought back to Le Chai au Quai for maximum TLC and finishing ... often in the finest oak barrels.


This is a wine studio like no other –  a haven of creativity and innovation; a real winemaker's kitchen where no rule is held as sacred and traditional boundaries are blurred with dramatic and exciting results. Exploration, innovation and dedication are what motivates our winemaking.


You'll find three distinct ranges of wines from our studio cellar: Le Grand Chai wines – select cuvées of Bordeaux from some of the finest appellations, meticulously finished at Le Chai; Le Chai au Quai wines – unique, often rule-breaking masterpieces using stand-out grapes from southern France; les Négoces – special Bordeaux wines from individual family estates, selected for their remarkable quality.

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Our Sister Winery in Australia

Not only do we have wineries across France in our extensive network, we also have our "sister" in Barossa, one of Australia's most premium wine regions.


It all started in 2002 – a germ of an idea that grew. The thought: how exciting to have a winery where some of Australia’s top young winemakers, many already with experience around the globe, could come in the evening, throw off their corporate day job, and be ‘creative without frontiers’. Get their hands right in there (nothing would be high-tech) and experiment, making the sort of wine they really yearned to. Small volume – just a barrel’s worth of hand-coddled wine that'd be beyond awesomely good.


Now, we’ve got Dan Graham at the helm. Formerly employed by one of the Barossa’s iconic names, he was too much of a free spirit to stay tethered and has travelled from Canada’s Okanagan to New Zealand, as well as to some of France and Italy’s finest wine corners.  He’s affable, funny, makes friends and contacts wherever he goes … all good for securing RedHeads access to the best grapes.


He’s crafting terrific wines at RedHeads’ Barossa Studio, those planned as well as making full use of some exciting surprise parcels of grapes as they come up for grabs. And, it won’t surprise you, he’s making tiny amounts of his own hip ‘natural’ wine, too ... always experimenting to stay ahead of the game. The fun is beginning … all over again!